Kill Me, Heal Me Ep 3-4 Recap

Episode 3

This episode starts out with the introduction of a new personality, Perry Park. As soon as Park emerges he goes to the closet to the look for his clothes while Secretary Gook explains the dire situation they’re in right now. Park/Do-Hyun is supposed to be at an extremely important meeting but there’s also the hostage situation involving Ri-Jin. As Park is changing into a floral button-up shirt his phone rings and it’s the gangster who has taken Ri-Jin hostage. He reiterates his demands to Park who doesn’t seem to care about it at all until he mentions the girl they’ve captured. This seems to do the trick and Park leaves to go find them. Meanwhile, Secretary Gook delivers a message to the meeting that Do-Hyun was involved in a car wreck and won’t be able to attend.

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Misaeng, We-sang (Spoilers)

Having just finished Misaeng, I suppose I can get the ball rolling with a general post on the show. We went into it not really knowing anything about what the show was actually like. Basically all we knew was that Kang So-Ra was in it and that guy from ZE:A. One thing about Fany and I is that we almost exclusively watch romcoms so Misaeng was a pretty big change in that regard as this is a straight drama. There is a tiny bit of romance in the show but it’s not even really worth talking about.

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