Kill Me, Heal Me Ep 3-4 Recap

Episode 3

This episode starts out with the introduction of a new personality, Perry Park. As soon as Park emerges he goes to the closet to the look for his clothes while Secretary Gook explains the dire situation they’re in right now. Park/Do-Hyun is supposed to be at an extremely important meeting but there’s also the hostage situation involving Ri-Jin. As Park is changing into a floral button-up shirt his phone rings and it’s the gangster who has taken Ri-Jin hostage. He reiterates his demands to Park who doesn’t seem to care about it at all until he mentions the girl they’ve captured. This seems to do the trick and Park leaves to go find them. Meanwhile, Secretary Gook delivers a message to the meeting that Do-Hyun was involved in a car wreck and won’t be able to attend.

At the abandoned warehouse where Ri-Jin is being held captive, tied to a chair and fully duck taped so she can’t talk, the gangsters are having a rehearsal fight so they won’t get beaten again. Suddenly Park enters carrying two home made bombs. Apparently Perry Park was a mechanic/demolitions expert. The gangsters again ask for the jacket, the whole time Ri-Jin is trying to tell him that he doesn’t have it and that her brother does but obviously they can’t hear her. (I guess at some point her brother took it from her dad.) Park tosses one of the bombs at the gangsters and they all duck for cover but as the timer counts down nothing happens except the bomb says that the rice is ready. Park wonders if it didn’t explode because he used a timer from a rice cooker. All of the gangsters promptly beat him down and toss him and Ri-Jin into a room. Inside, Ri-Jin’s phone rings and its her brother texting her a picture of him wearing the jacket. The gangsters force Ri-Jin to get her brother to tell her where he is and they leave to go beat him up and take the jacket.

A little while later Do-Hyun wakes up and is able to untie himself from the chair because of past experiences waking up in situations like this. Ri-Jin tells him about Se-Gi and how he told her that he fell for her. The two devise a way to escape by having Ri-Jin start screaming so the guard the gangsters left will open the door. He does so and the two escape but not before the guard is able to get Ri-Jin. As this is going on the other bomb that Park brought begins to count down. Do-Hyun grabs it and says he’s going to throw it at the guard who doesn’t believe it’s real because of what happened with the last bomb. Do-Hyun convinces him it is real and he throws Ri-Jin at Do-Hyun which causes him to drop the bomb. The two barely manage to escape before the bomb actually does explode.

Meanwhile, Ri-Jin’s brother Ri-On is having a party when the gangsters show up based on what they got Ri-Jin to say. Ri-On brings out the jacket and the gangster again tries to get it but not before he tears open the jacket revealing the drugs inside. The gangsters are just about to attack when it turns out the people Ri-On is hanging out with are all police.

At the warehouse, Ri-Jin and Do-Hyun manage to escape as the warehouse is exploding around them. It’s a bit of a cheesy action scene as they escape on a motorcycle with explosions everywhere. As they’re driving it shows Ri-Jin wrap her arms aroud Do-Hyun. He takes her to the hospital where he apologizes for every thing happened and especially for her having met him. The whole time she passes in and out of consciousness.

At ID, Young-Pyo is pushing to end the meeting when suddenly Do-Hyun enters. He goes on to give a great speech while Young-Pyo and Ki-Joon smirk and make various stupid faces. Ki-Joon notices that Do-Hyun is bleeding from his hand.

After the meeting Do-Hyun’s grandmother reams him pretty hard about showing up late to his first board meeting. She reminds him about the people who are  desperately trying to take his position. She also says he needs to keep his position until her son can take over. It then shows a mystery person in a coma somewhere but you can’t see his face.

Meanwhile Ri-Jin’s mother calls Ri-Jin in the hospital and tells her she’s going to make her food. Ri-Jin says not to bother but her mom assures her it’s only the size of chicken’s eye. Ri-On later shows up at their parents house and sees that they’ve made a feast. He says he’s too embarrassed to take it to the hospital so their dad says he will.  Ri-On ends up going to the hospital any way and the two again discuss about people having different personalities.

At work Do-Hyun and Cha-Yeon meet and Cha-Yeon comes on pretty strong. She mentions how earlier when Do-Hyun was warning her about Se-Gi and how there’s a line they can’d cross. She flat out tells him that they should cross that line because she’s curious to see if she’ll beat him up or cross it with him but Do-Hyun shoots her down saying he’s not someone she can handle.

Secretary An is meeting with Dr. Ho-Pil who tells him that Do-Hyun needs to resume treatment immediately but An says he can’t because of his position as Vice President. An asks if there’s anyone who could be Do-Hyun’s secret physician when suddenly Ri-Jin comes in. An leaves and Ri-Jin says she wants to go back to work and also mentions she’s met Se-Gi. She and Dr. Ho then have a conversation about Do-Hyun/Se-Gi and his myriad problems. Ho mentions he never uncovered Do-Hyun’s past memories.

The episode ends with Ri-Jin and Do-Hyun meeting in the hospital parking lot and both realizing they know the truth about either. Ri-Jin knows about Do-Hyun’s personalities and he knows she’s actually a psychiatrist through a previous conversation with An plus seeing Ri-Jin just capture Sook-Hee again.

Episode 4

Episode 4 begins with all the doctors in the hospital clamoring to get a look at the Ri-Jin with Do-Hyun who they all thought she had basically paid for him to date her but broke if off two hours in. Ri-Jin then has him go inside and say different things to her colleagues to repair her reputation, including the doctor he roughed earlier as Se-Gi.

Ki-Joon has instructed one of his minions to search every hospital in Seoul to find out if Do-Hyun has been to any of them. His minion reports back that he hasn’t exactly found him but that he has found people who think they’ve seen him. He also has found that Secretary An has been seen talking with Dr. Ho. Ki-Joon smiles evilly at this.

Back in the hospital Ri-Jin and Do-Hyun are talking. He asks her if Se-Gi asked her for any favors and she says he wanted her to hang out with him. Then Do-Hyun asks if he asked her for any favors as a doctor. She says no but he was disappointed when he found out she was doctor and that they might have a bad fate. Do-Hyun begins to realize that Ri-Jin is who Se-Gi is in love with because he acts in a way he never has before. He then has this weird mental thing where he sees Se-Gi leering in his mind. He gets upset and does the, “You must avoid me at all costs, I’ll never see you again” shtick.

Ri-Jin then has a weird dream where she’s a kid and jumping on a trampoline with a small boy. Suddenly the boy turns into Se-Gi she wakes up and her brother is there. Ri-Jin then calls her mother who says she sent her brother to get her if she was still not feeling well. She scolds her for telling her she went back to work without telling her. After Ri-Jin’s mother gets off the phone  she and her husband shoot the shit with a guy who came to bring vegetables. The conversation turns weird when he mentions that Ri-Jin and Ri-On don’t look or act the same at all. Ri-Jin’s mother gets extremely upset and sends him and his vegetables away.

Back at the hospital Ri-Jin and Ri-On are still talking in a cafeteria where some of the doctors have gathered around watching them. One remarks that she already has another man after sending the previous one away. Another says they’re brother and sister when suddenly Sook-Hee shows up and says they’re not brother and sister because Ri-On looked at her “as a man”. So, my previous belief that they’re uncomfortable brother and sister was right. Once they realize its Sook-Hee they chase her around again. Ri-Jin asks Ri-On to analyze her dream and he says the guy, whoever it is likes her but she should avoid him because he’s a player. They go out to the parking garage and she playfully hits and stuff before he drives off, asking who this guy is she’s thinking about and making uncomfortable comments about how he wants to fuck his sister/step-stepsister.

Later on Ki-Joon and Young-Pyo have an evil meeting where they discuss their evil plots. Ri-Jin and Ho-Pil also have a meeting where they talk about how Do-Hyun’s personalities are getting stronger to the point where he can see them while he’s conscious. Apparently this has never happened before. A power struggle is happening between Do-Hyun and his alter egos… Just like the one between him and Ki-Joon.  WHOA!

Tae-Im and Hwa-Ran also have an unhappy meal where Tae-Im threatens to kick her out. It shows a flashback where Hwa-Ran is talking to the comatose son of Tae-Im and tells him he can never wake up. Hwa-Ran then threatens to reveal all of the family secretes including what really happened to Do-Hyun’s mother. Of course Do-Hyun was there to hear everything but Hwa-Ran brushes him off by saying the secret was a made up threat.

Ki-Joon tells Chae-Yeon that Do-Hyun is dating a psychiatrist. She doesn’t like that, not one bit.

Do-Hyun has a hallucination in the bathroom where Se-Gi tells him that he couldn’t handle the pain from the “truth” of what really happened to him as a kid and that he took the pain from the truth instead. Do-Hyun punches the mirror.

Ri-Jin is changing the name of Se-Gi in her phone to Do-Hyun when she suddnely gets a text from him saying to meet him in the hospital lobby, however she’s shocked to find it’s Se-Gi. The episodes ends with Se-Gi woman dragging her to his car and driving really fast somewhere to “check ssomething”.


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