Recap: ‘Jekyll, Hyde, Me’ Eps. 3-4

This week on “The Adventures of Hana and Robin” …

Episodes 3 and 4 give us more background on Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) and his relationships with his alter-ego, Robin, and his dad (played by Lee Deok Hwa and his eyebrows).

With Robin back in their lives, Seo Jin’s parents struggle to agree on what to do with their son. His mom (Kim Do Yeon) thinks the key to ensure her son’s safety is keeping him close, while his dad wants to ship him off to another country. The only thing the two can agree on is their mutual hatred of Robin. While the show remains mum on exactly why everyone around Seo Jin hates Robin, we learn that it has something to do with an incident five years ago (which was the last time Robin appeared).

Robin’s history begins to emerge, too. He has a fan club run by Min Woo Jung (Hyeri!) and used to be close with her and a coffee house/publishing company exec. He hates Dr. Kang, which is hardly surprising as she’s been trying to help Seo Jin get rid of him. One interesting point is that Robin only appears when someone summons him, which is something Seo Jin used to do. Again, while the show alludes to this fact, it doesn’t yet explain why Seo Jin used to seek Robin out. Through video messages between Seo Jin and Robin and flashbacks of Hana and Seo Jin saving each other’s lives as children, Robin realizes Hana was the person who caused him to return. He then, naturally, blabs that Seo Jin via video.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Dr. Kang’s disappearance continues. One important development in the case is we find out the identity of the man who’s been stalking Hana and, presumably, kidnapped Dr. Kang. He works as a driver for the same hospital as Kang and Dr. Sexy (aka Dr. Yoon, played by Sung Joon). His motives for being so creepy are still murky, though it might have something to do with his taking medication and possibly being crazy, idk.


Nothing in the show so far has made me care about any of the characters. I don’t particularly like either Seo Jin or Robin, nor do I feel much for Hana. Their backstory as children still feels like a forced excuse for emotional connection. She saves him and he saves her and I don’t care.

Overall, these two episodes focused too much on Robin and Seo Jin and not enough on Hana. We still know little about her. I’m sure we’ll slowly learn her story, but I would have liked to know more about her at this point. She barely has any life outside of her interactions with Robin and her working at the circus, which itself has been included only superficially as background and a reason to have the two main characters meet.

At least the show is self-aware.

Random bits of nonsense

  • The episode opens with Robin and Hana escaping Wonderland’s armed goons with some AAF special effects.

    I can’t stress enough how awkward this scene was.
  • If Robin keeps making that unnatural smile of his, I’m going to start rooting for Seo Jin and his dad. His stupid faces need to stop.
  • I can’t shake the image of Robin as a genie in a bottle. The whole summoning him bit reminds me too much of “Aladdin.”
  • I’ve heard talk from some people online that the scene with Hana in a costume trying to talk to Seo Jin was too silly. That was easily my favorite scene of the show so far.


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