Shine or Go Crazy Eps 1-2 Recap

I’m too lazy to do screencaps while watching a show, so it’ll be mostly text. 😦

Shine or Go Crazy is the latest sageuk to hit the market, and to see Jang Hyuk back where he belongs is a blessing. He’s one of the few guys I’ll watch a drama for because his other sageuk dramas, Chuno and Tree With Deep Roots, are among my favorite Korean dramas of all time. So I went into this drama knowing next to nothing about it.

The synopsis of the drama, thanks to Asian Wiki:

Wang So (Jang Hyuk) is the Prince of Goryeo. He had a lonely childhood, due to his cursed fate. As he grew up, he realized his talent to become a King. Wang So looks bright, but he has a wounded mind. One day, he meets Shin Yool (Oh Yeon-Seo), who is the Last Princess of Balhae. She was born with the fate of becoming the light for another country. Because of her fate, she faces death. Through a one night marriage, Wang So and Shin Yool become connected and grow to love each other.

This drama has more of a romantic pull than I had expected. I was expecting lots of action, but I like the drama how it is so far, so without further rambling, the recap.


Wang So is the fourth prince of Goryeo, sent to live outside the palace due to his terrible destiny. As an adult, his father asks him to return to the palace to make amendments, but during the meeting, some assassins try and fail to assassinate the king. One assassin throws some daggers at the king’s room, and one dagger barely scratches the king’s neck.

After most of the assassins are slain, So and Eun Chan, one of the king’s guards, go off to China to find the assassins.

Meanwhile, Shin Yool, the last princess of Balhae, is in trouble because he brother fucked up. An old Chinese general wants to marry her in return for letting her brother off, but Yool says that she has a groom.

Cue So and Eun Chan arriving in China to find the assassin. So ends up saving Yool, and after finding out that So is Korean, she chose him as her fake groom so that she wouldn’t have to marry the old Chinese general.

So reluctantly agrees and the ceremony proceeds. So had wanted to leave right after the marriage, but some of the Chinese general’s soldiers are standing guard to make sure the newlywed couple stay together all night.

So tells Yool to put a talisman on the door after he leaves due to his unfortunate destiny. However, Yool offers her hand and says that he can change his fate by grabbing her hand, and it reminds So of what his father had said. So grabs her hand and Yool gives So a talisman as a sign of luck.

So departs and meets back up with Eun Chan. They go and find the assassin, and So uses the dagger against the assassin by cutting his forehead. The assassin panics and gets away from So and pulls out an antidote. So and Eun Chan realize that the king was poisoned, so they take the antidote from the assassin after killing him and head back to Goryeo.

Yool and her band decide that it’s too dangerous for her to stay in China and head to Goryeo.

Back in Goryeo, So meets with his father and tries to heal him with the antidote, but the doctor tells him it is too late as the poison has already spread throughout his body. The King then tells So to take over his guard in leading the soldiers and to marry Hwangbo Yeo Won (played by Honey Lee), as her family will be his shield as the opposite faction takes over the thrown.

So gets married to Hwangbo Yeo Won and assumes the role of the leader os a secret group of soldiers. Meanwhile, Yool and her band arrive in the capital of Goryeo and start living lives as merchants (?).

Five years pass and Yool is still thirsting for So’s dick, as she had fallen in love with him. That was one of the reasons she came to Goryeo, with the other being that she wanted to find out who her parents were and who she really is, as she doesn’t know she’s the last princess of Balhae at this point.

While walking through the bustling streets, the two meet eyes and then the episode ends.


I didn’t really know what the drama was supposed to be about, as I didn’t really pay attention to the teasers as I knew I was going to watch the drama as soon as I knew Jang Hyuk was going to be in another sageuk.

The love story is off to a good start, but as of now, I’m more interested in So’s ascension to the throne (he wasn’t named the king when his father passed away) and Yool’s journey to finding out who she really is.

Oh, I really never thought Oh Yeon Seo was that hot until watching this drama.

Take this awesome gif for example.

To take some phrases from our friend HYSF, “I’d lick her asshole and would let her piss all over my face.”


6 thoughts on “Shine or Go Crazy Eps 1-2 Recap

  1. Fany started watching Chuno and I caught some of it. I never thought I could get into a sageuk but this one is pretty gripping. It’s sort of weird seeing Oh Ji Ho not in a comedic role. There’s also been more sexual advances in this than every other drama I’ve seen combined.

    Like this girl wouldn’t fuck the guy because she was on the rag lol


    1. Sageuks are my favorite genre. Everything is more at stake, which sucks me into the story even more. I usually avoid the 50-episode sageuk series, but there are plenty that are only 24 episodes long.


    1. I just started it yesterday, but it was so good that we made it to episode 5. The writing and characters are really good. I feel like I’m watching real people. Very impressed so far.

      As far as “Shine or Go Crazy” goes, I might give it a shot if “Chuno” succeeds in changing my views on sageuks. I generally prefer less action, more romance in shows.


      1. Shine or Go Crazy is supposed to heavily focus on the romance. Another sageuk that focuses a lot on the romance is The Princess’s Man, one of my all-time favorites.


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